The Slaney Language Centre Student Feedback


Mother of Elena (12) who attended the Summer Teen Programm with her friend Jan-Luca (12) from Germany

We are back home and would like to let you know that we really enjoyed our stay in Wexford. Jan-Luca and Elena had lots of fun, they especially liked the playful way of teaching (what a difference to English lessons in German schools) and they loved Greg. Afternoon and evening activities were well organised and thanks to Colette, Jim and all the other staff members, they always had someone nice to talk to.
Location and size of our apartment suited us perfectly, the kitchen was well equipped. Additionally, we were lucky with the weather.
Overall, it s 10 out of 10!

Father of Anna (10) and Katalin (12) from Austria who attended our Cool Kids and Keen Teens Courses

This summer my family came back again to Wexford and our daughters have enjoyed the language course a third time. I would like to share the reason why we decided again for this school: The kids love the courses and go to school happy every morning. The teachers are able to inspire them. I am not an expert on how they do it but I hear from my kids that they worked in groups and played a lot. The afternoon and evening activities are optional. This is important for us because children of different ages have different interests and I don’t have to prebook the whole week and can just choose the activities we like. Yesterday we had the crab fishing activity (where at the end all crabs were released back to the sea). Huge fun for a very reasonable price. And what I haven’t found anywhere else yet: Although my wife and me don’t attend a language course, we can join the activities with our kids. Finally some additional aspects: There are not many students from German-speaking countries. The school building is centrally located and there is enough space, best weather iin Ireland, nice beaches. I am sure that we will come back again.

Verena (16), German who attended our General English Group Course

I never felt so happy to go to school like here in Wexford. The lessons were interesting and funny. It was cool to meet people from other countries. We made a lot of new experiences. Everybody was nice, polite and helpful. Thanks! I hope that we will see one another again soon.

Juliette, French, our work-experience student

I had such a great time working with you and I always feel so nostalgic whenever I think about Wexford. I left a part of my heart there!
I would like to thank you for all the good memories, but also for showing me how great teaching a language and culture could be. I am now an English teacher and I know you played an important part in this. I wanted to tell you a big Thank you and express my gratitude. I hope that you are all doing well and that you fully enjoy your new place in the city centre. I hope I can see you someday and that we can all meet again.

Mother of Tiago (7), Spanish who attended our Cool Kids Course

This is just a note to thank you and your team for your commitment and dedication. We had an amazing time in Wexford and met wonderful people who are now dear friends. See you soon.

Karim El Khouly (18), Spanish who attended the General English Group Course Intensive

I really enjoyed the time in Wexford. The school is amazing. I have learned a lot, got in touch with many nice people (including the teachers) and had so much fun! I’ll never forget the time I spent there and perhaps I will come back next year again. The Slaney Language Centre is a great school with amazing teachers! I definately recomment it!!! In general everybody is so nice there. My host family was lovely. They always try to d their best. After a couple of days I was like a part of the family. We had a nice time and great fun together. We will definately stay in touch.

Isabel Castello Pineda (64), Spanish who attended the General English Group Course Intensive

Hello. I am Isabel. I would like to say thanks. The dedication and professionalism of the teaching staff has been exceptional. It has been a pleasure to be at your school. I hope to come back next year. My greetings to all the staff at the school and to my classmated.

Rūdiger Lange (55), German who attended the General English Group Course Intensive

My name is Lena and I am 18 years old. My dad Rüdiger just came back from his two week language holidays and I don’t know if I’ve ever heard him talking about a place with that much enthusiasm and passion as about the Slaney Language Centre. My dad has always had the talent to discover the magic, the miracles in this world and I just want you to know that I feel like your school is one of those miracles.

Jennifer (29), Spanish who attended the General English Group Course Intensive

I can’t explain how everything has changed after these three months but I want to say ‘Thank you’ because I really enjoyed doing the course, it was difficult but I always had the support of you.
When I arrived in Wexford, I knew that everything would be different but I’m very happy because it has been better than I had imagined and, as a result, my self-confidence increased.
You are lovely people and I’ll miss you. love, Jennifer

Paola (28), Italian who attended the General English Group Course Intensive

Hi folks!
I am writing to you to send you tons and tons of thanks.
I have passed the IELTS academic exam with the overal band score of…. 7.5!!!!!!!!
This is for sure due to your stimulating, encouraging, supporting and caring environment and work. After only a few weeks in Wexford I made a huge progress and this is because of you. Miss you very very much and I hope to see you again in the future.
Hugs, Paola.

Alicia (44), Spanish who attended the General English Group Course Intensive Plus 10

I just wanted to express my thanks to all the people in the Slaney Language School for the wonderful learning experience during my two weeks stay there. There was a warm and nice atmosphere at the school and I really enjoyed my English course. Specifically, I wanted to thank my teacher Kristina for her patience, encouraging words, enthusiasm, and skills. She not only helped me a lot to improve my English – explaining things until I understood, and making me do my best- , but also to gain self-confidence when speaking English. She is an amazing teacher.
I would also like to thank Jim for all his charm. He exudes friendliness. Everyone loves him.

Natalie (47), Julia (16 and Boris (8) from Russia who attended a family course

I had a fantastic time, while studying in The Slaney Language Centre! Every moment me and my kids were busy with different interesting things. It wasn’t only language, but perception of a new country, its traditions and the most fabulous thing – the people, beautiful, generous, with a great sense of humor! School activities were busy and diverse (mention only the international picnic!). The teachers are attentive and the level of education is really high. And what was really important for me, my young son, 8 years old, was happy with his studying and his teachers and friends! Sure enough that next summer we will go again to Wexford with great pleasure!

Alejandro (45), Beatrix (41) and Daniel (9) from Spain who attended a family course

We had a great time with you all in Wexford, we worked hard at school but enjoyed ourselves a lot at the same time. It has been a great experience for the whole family, and we would like to thank you all for being so friendly and kind. You made us feel as if we were at home and the teachers were great and inspiring too. Thank you very much.

Heinke (74) from Germany who attended the Learn English during the Festival course

Now I am back at home, but I am so often still in Wexford, at your school, in the streets, listen to all the music in different places and smiling for catching all these tickets. I would like to say many many thanks for staying at your school. It was a great time for me and I am hoping to come back soon.

Friend of Liina (16) from Finland who attended the General English Group Course

Liina called me yesterday and she was happy and really satisfied. Teaching was excellent, she had a lovely host family, everybody was friendly and the surroundings beautiful

Marie, mother of Hana (18), Czech Republic who attended the General English Group Course

I just want to let you know that my daughter came home excited, happy and very much in love with Ireland and Irish people. She told us how she felt at home, how helpful everybody was, how kind and friendly. She told us about the charming places she visited, about her excellent teachers and of course Jim. Last but not least her classmates – they made a great group and she learned a lot about the lives in their countries, too. I appreciate very much all you have done for Hana and wish you all the best! Warm regards and if you every visit Prague let us know! It would be a pleasure to show you around!

Christian (42), French

Hello everybody. This is a short email to tell you that I have arrived home. Today I am still a little bit in Ireland, it’s raining (lol). I would like to thank everybody for the quality of your welcome and for the lessons but also for the friendly atmosphere in the school. Now I know how to find the sun in Ireland. You only have to look into the eyes and smiles of Irish people and to find the warmth you only have to listen to their heart. Thank you very much for everything.

Takeshi (32) Japanese, who attended the General English Group Course

I really appreciate everything you have done for me. Everyone I met in the school helped me so I want to say thank you. It was a wonderful time. I had a great experience. Thank you.

Javier (50, School Principal), Spanish and his son Javier who attended a family course

Have I told you that we had a great time in Ireland and that you are very much to blame for that? Have I told you that Anita’s helpful assistance together with Lisa’s made it all very easy-going? That we absolutely enjoyed every activity, the weather, even the classes and the entertainment by the Great Circus Ring Master Jim, the food, the landscape, the music…. should I go on?

Suffice to say that Javier jr wanted to stay and live in Ireland. All the best and as we say in Spanish – a big fat hug!

Alissa (21) and Tanja (19), German who attended the English and Internship Programme

We would like to thank all of you for everything! It’s hard to believe that we have to leave Ireland today. We had such a great time and are very sad that we have to leave. It was a pleasure for us to spend five weeks together with you. We learned so much, our English has improved a lot and we enjoyed the activities with you. The time in class and also our work-experience were really good experiences. It was not only a school of teaching English, it was like a big family!! We wish you all the best and hope that you’ll stay as you are because you are such a great team. A million thanks to everyone of you! We would love to come back next year.

Tomoko (61), Japanese, who attended the Irish Culture Course tailored towards people over 50

I appreciate that I could learn English at the Slaney Language Centre. The school was just as I imagined. The class was small and I could have enough opportunity to speak English. The atmosphere was so friendly. I felt the distance between teachers and students was very short. Every teacher was eager to meet the needs of students. I could know and understand more about Ireland this time through the stay in Wexford. And I could exchange with lots of people. It was a very valuable experience for me. I look forward to visit Wexford and see you again some day.

Tom (19), Austrian, who attended the General English Group Course Intensive

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful three weeks we spent in your school. We had so much fun with you and you gave us such a good feeling day by day. These three weeks were the best time in my life. And a special thanks to my teachers, Christian, Sinead and Marita. They did a really good job and because of them we didn’t feel like in a boring school but in an exciting group where we had fun and also learnt a lot. Last but not least, a big compliment to Catherina my hostmother. She was so lovely and cheerful that I never felt homesick. She took care of us and did her best to make us happy. I miss you so much. And I have a big request: Please stay the way you are! I hope that many other people will also have their best time in life in Ireland, in Wexford and in your school. Thanks for this great experience!

Kenya (20), Japanese, who attended the General English Group Course Intensive

From the bottom of my heart I enjoyed Ireland, Wexford and the Slaney Language Centre. I think Wexford is the best place to study English as it provides a quiet and friendly atmosphere.

Luisa (40, teacher),  Italian, who attended a family course

I’ve already told you but I want to affirm it once again, our two weeks spent with you have been the best we’ve ever had. And by now it’s our third time in Ireland and we are a bit of experts! As a matter of fact the atmosphere at your school is really warm and friendly and we immediately felt at home. Moreover as a primary school teacher I think that you were great in getting children so involved in quite all the afternoon activities offered by your school: the crab fishing, the international lunch, the football match, the goodbye song etc. Well done! We’ll surely recommend your school to our family, friends and to my pupils and we know that if we’re coming back to the ‘fantastic Ireland’, we’ll come to Wexford to say hello to you, no doubt!

David (38), Spanish, who attended the General English Group Course

At Slaney I started to speak English without thinking first in Spanish, I got to know about different cultures and what is most important, I met beautiful people. People who visited my home when I was back in the Basque Country, people who I visited and spent some days with them in their home, people who moved to Spain and people I am still in contact with them, people who I visited in their country and who guided me around. For all of this and because I know that the next time we see each other will be like we never said goodbye I want to say ‘Thank you’ to the Slaney Family.

Georg (22) and Lucas (22), Austrian, who attended the General English Group Course

Hey lads! How are you? We want to say thank you for the three beautiful and fantastic weeks in Wexford. It was a great experience and we will never forget it. It was a pleasure for us to stay with you. The three weeks changed us definitely, we learnt a lot about the Irish way of life and we are going to life our lives like the Irish way. Wish you the best and hope that we will see us again. Cheers, slainte and best regards from Austria! Thanks for all!

Jose Ignacio (35, Manager)

I miss you. You made me feel so good. I’d like to come back some day. The atmosphere in the school is genuine, brilliant and the surroundings beautiful. The best thing is that you feel relaxed and don’t have any pressure to learn English and I think, this is really important to do your best, mainly for people shy like me.
The organisation is very accurate too and the skills and quality of teachers are fantastic.

Anna (38, teacher), Spanish, who attended a family course

I just want to thank everyone in the school for the wonderful time Leyre and me had, specially thanks to Dave who left a deep impression in my heart with his last day reading. I’ll never forget it.

Cecilia, mother of Federico (18), Italian

Now let me tell you thanks for the beautiful days my son spent in your college. Federico is back very happy for the days he spent with you. I would like to thank the teachers, Anita and Jim, too. Special thanks also to the choice of accommodation: the family was very kind and daring and helped him to talk. Federico improved his English a lot and now speaks fluently or at least tries. And this is very important for me. All the best from Rome

Candy (49), Canary Islands, who attended the General English Group Course

I have spent an unforgettable week in Wexford. I was happy with your school and my teachers Sinead and Emma, I learnt very much from them. Moreover, the rest of the teachers, partners and Anita as well. There was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I am also pleased with the house you found for me. Brenda is very helpful and also the flatmates from different countries. I am recommending your school to everyone and I hope to return there and stay with you for more time.

Jean-Marc, French

To my Irish friends: I am just back in France after a fantastic week spent in Ireland. Many thanks for the exceptional hospitality which you reserved me and for the professionalism with which you made my ancient English progress.
I like this occasion to thank particularly Emma and Susan for their efficiencies during our ‘face to face’ lessons. I also thank all the administrative team and in particular Anita for her ‘breaks’ animation and Jim for his good humour and availability. I shall have a happy memory of this Irish stay and shall not miss to return one of these days.
Goodbye and many thanks for all.

Christa (67, retired school teacher) who attended the Irish Culture Course tailored towards people over 50

I am thankful for having had a safe journey home, but my thoughts and feelings are still roaming in County Wexford. I shall miss the morning hours among the happy crew of striving students, encouraging teachers, an always helpful secretary and a caring manager. Thanks for your kind words of farewell, I pinned them on my kitchen wall.

Victoria (21), Italian, who attended the General English Group Course

Dear Lisa, Emma, Susan, Anita and Dave,
I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed my stay in Wexford. It was a wonderful time and I felt very much at ease in the school. The small number of students, the lovely surroundings and the friendly atmosphere pleased me a lot. I enjoyed the lessons and I believe I highly benefited from them. I met many friendly and open-minded people, Irish people and foreigners alike.
Thank you very much for your kindness. I’d always love to return to Ireland and to the Slaney Language Centre.

Rita (52, teacher), German, who attended the Irish Culture Course tailored towards people over 50

Thanks a lot for a successful and interesting week. Being a language teacher myself I am very critical with language schools and I am completely satisfied! Keep on working like that! I can recommend your school!

Tatsuru (22), Japanese, who attended the General English Group Course

I really miss Wexford and want to go back there. I really feel sad because I cannot meet my friends I made there.
Say hello to everybody and thank you very much for everything you did for me and it was a pleasure to meet all of you. I am sure we will be able to meet some day again in the not-to-distant future.

Louis (49, solicitor), Swiss

Thank you again for a wonderful time in Wexford. It was an absolute pleasure to stay in the SLC: A milestone in my life comparable to the tremendous standing stones for the preceltic and Neolithic period of Ireland. I improved my English and learnt a lot about the friendliness of the Irish people, about the history, the culture and the ancient monuments for the stone age and the early Christian age. Thank you – Lisa, Anita, Susan, Emma and Dave – for your consideration and carefully teaching. I miss you! Probably I will come again to Ireland.

Michaela, Swiss, who attended the General English Group Course

I have returned to Switzerland but it wasn’t easy to find the re-entry here after that great time in Ireland. I still often think back to my hostfamily, the friendly and helpful teachers and to my friends I made there.
I really want to thank you for all you’ve done for me and thank you too that I had the possibility to meet all those interesting and nice people.
It was such a great time there in Wexford and I’m sure that one day I’ll return and visit you.

Letizia (23, Au Pair), Italian who attended our English Evening Classes

My English has improved a lot thanks to your school and Ireland in general and finally I could pass my exams easily!!
I miss Ireland a lot, I really have spent a great time there, and it has been an unforgettable experience. I remember all the pubs and the Guinness… and … lots of good memories…. I’d like to come back as soon as possible.

Yuko (35), Japanese who attended the General English Group Course

I had a really great time in Wexford.  I can’t remember ever having enjoyed myself so thoroughly anywhere!  I’d like you to know how much the weeks at your lovely school has meant to me.  And I am most grateful to you for your warm hospitality.

Sabine (36, Adult education adviser), German, who attended the General English Group Course

Lisa, thanks again for your warm welcome.  You care about your students, that makes your school such a comfortable, intimate and easy-going place.  I will recommend the SLC to everybody who want to know and everybody else too.
Sue, I remember a lot of new words and this is due to your expressive way of teaching.  We laughed so much.   I guess there are only few teachers who fall down on their knees during classes! Dave, I’ve never met a person so passionate about literature.  From now on I feel more confident about poets.  I really enjoyed every single lesson.

Leire (18), Spanish, who attended the General English Group Course

Today is my  last day in this school and I just wanted to put in black and white the following:  It was a real pleasure to spend three weeks of my life here in Wexford but the best of this time was the choice to come to SLC, meet lots of very interesting people and very specially the teachers who show me that learning can be wonderful.  And that’s all.  Just thank you.

Dario (26), Italian, who attended the General English Group Course

Another Italian guy is leaving……  Just want you to know I had such a great time here with all the beautiful people I met.  I think this school really satisfied my expectations and more and more.  I’ll always remember the nice time spent in the school and in the pubs in town.  When I was with teachers I always felt I was with friends, good friends.  I wish I could stay here longer but unfortunately I can’t.  Sorry for my for my handwriting, maybe it’s because of my emotions, the feeling of leaving such a good people, such a good and friendly town.  We’ll meet again, for sure!

Kiyoko (69, retired teacher), Japanese, who attended the Irish Culture Course tailored towards people over 50

Thank you very much for your kind regards and services.  I deeply appreciate what you done for me.  Especially I must thank you very much for arranging classes especially for me.  I think it was good that I could learn English and other things at your school.  I like Ireland, I like Wexford.  I feel Ireland was a wonderful place.  The air is fresh and clean.  There are many open meadows and splendid sceneries.  I wish I will be able to come again.  For that I’ll try to practise listening and speaking English.

Tomiyo (70, retired teacher), Japanese, who attended the Irish Culture Course tailored towards people over 50

I appreciate your kindness shown me throughout my stay in Wexford.  The classes were rich in variety, and everything was interesting.  The cultural activities were wonderful.  I enjoyed very much the fresh nature and the historic places.  You gave me a lot of new experiences.  So my next dream is to learn at the SLC again together with my friend and visit even more nice places in Ireland.

Bettina (20), Austrian, who attended the General English Group Course Intensive

I will never forget the three weeks in Ireland.

Anni (41). Finish, who attended a Two-to-one Course together with her husband

We had an excellent week here in Wexford thanks to you and the Powers (host family). Never before have we felt so much friendliness while meeting new people and living in a foreign country.

Sabine (31, English teacher) and Andrea (31, English teacher), German, who attended the General English Group Course

Two weeks of `refreshing` our English . We learnt a lot (not only drinking Cider, eating sandwiches and buying silly things but also words, structures and more). Most interesting were the social contacts. Thanks for everything and do not change too much!

Jose Carlos (31), Spanish, who attended the General English Group Course

I have spent four weeks in this lovely, green & sometimes rainy country and I could understand the local culture thanks to my host family and the teachers in St. Helen`s Bay Language School (new name: The Slaney Language Centre).

Elke (19) who attended the General English Group Course

In these three weeks I have the chance to learn English very well and I am enjoying it!

Bernd (55, lecturer), German, who attended a One-to-one Course

We have had two interesting weeks with many good activities. Lisa organised many things so we had much fun after school. A walk at the beach is very beautiful in this area.

Marianne (58) and Margot (59) who attended the Irish Culture Course for people over 50

We enjoyed our lessons as well as the relaxing walks along the beautiful sandy beach. We could not only improve our English but could also learn a lot about the nice landscape and the Irish mentality. We liked the atmosphere in the pubs as well. Surely we are returning to Wexford and the language school (new name: The Slaney Language Centre) next year.

Christoph (33) who attended the General English Group Course

I want to give Sue a pat on the back for these funny nice lessons (great ideom, isn`t it?). It was a good mixture of leisure, culture and learning with lovely people. I will remember this time with laughter on my lips. (… they did not give me a backhander).

Bruno (35, sales manager), Swiss, who attended the General English Group Course

I would like to thank you again for everything. It was really a good, interesting and instructive time. I hope that I can come back soon.

Erich (27, canoeing instructor), Swiss who attended the General English Group Course

I enjoyed a really nice time here in the language school. The people are very friendly. The landscape from Ireland is beautiful and I was lucky with the weather. Until now I had just one rainy day. The trips were also very exiting. Hope to come back in my next vacation.

Carlos (33, dentist), Spanish who attended the General English Group Course

I have been very happy in this school. I would like to come back again next year. I think that I learned too much English here. People are very friendly in Ireland. Lisa is the best manager in Germany, Ireland and Spain!

Victoria (37, solicitor), Spanish who attended the General English Group Course

Me too, I have been very happy in this academy. I have learned a lot and also I have enjoyed myself too much but I think I need to learn more and probably the next year I will come back. It is true. Thank you for all.

Willy (52, bank manager) who attended a One-to-one Course

In the time here I learned a lot of things: English grammar, verbs, business words and business details. I also enjoyed the Irish culture, the day trips, the pubs and the Guinness. Thanks Lisa, Jennifer and Sue for all the help and a good time for you!

Helena, Loni, Erika, Eva, Marianne, Paula, Ursula, Walter and Jo who attended the Irish Culture Course tailored towards people over 50

We will thank you very much for a wonderful time in Wexford for all the beautiful and interesting trips through the Irish country and the eventful evening arrangements. We enjoyed learning English and we will like to recommend in to other people. Thanks from all of us.

Peter (53, teacher), German, who attended the General English Group Course

It was nice to be here in your language school. It was individual – I like this – not too big and you were so `much giving`. I thank you. I wish you for the next time a lot of students and a good new house in Wexford.