This summer my family came back again to Wexford and our daughters (10 and 12) have joined the language courses the third time. I would like to share the reasons why we decided again for this school: The kids love their courses and go to school happily every morning. The teachers are able to inspire them. I am not an expert on how they do it but I hear from my kids that they worked in groups and played a lot. The afternoon and evening activities are optional. This is important for us as kids of different ages have different interests and I do not have to book the whole week. We can just choose the activities we like. Yesterday we went crab fishing (where at the end all crabs were released back to the sea): huge fun for a very reasonable price. And, what we haven’t found anywhere else: Although I and my wife do not attend the language course, we can also join the activities with the kids. The school building is centrally located and there is enough space, the best weather in Ireland, nice beaches. I am sure that we will come again.