Me, Rocío and Mariana at The HookHello!
I want to tell you about my experiences in Ireland:

If I look back on my last month in Wexford, Ireland I throughout remember positive things.
I stayed with a hostfamily and I really lost my heart for the Irish way of living. There is NO better possibility to make your English fluent than with a hostfamily.
But especially the Slaney Language Centre does a great job. Lisa is the best manager you can imagine for a language school and Anita arranges everything so lovely. I liked the small classes and my teachers Emma and Susan just taught us in such a sucessful way. I enjoyed every single day! ( I can’t remember that I liked my school in Germany so much 😉 )
It’s just so pleasant to work with a small group and to learn so many things day by day! To my mind Wexford is a perfect place to stay. There are lots of possibilities for activities in your freetime. One of my class mates worked as a volunteer in an Oxfam-Shop in her freetime after school. I think, it’s a great thing: You can combine the voluntary work with meeting lots of Irish people and you learn to understand the different accents. Her English was getting better so quickly!
Another thing that I liked were the activities in the afternoon. One day Jim, the bus driver, took me and the other two girls of my class to the Hook, the last operating lighthouse. We had a nice walk on the cliffs and Jim told us lots of stories and legends. I really enjoyed it – THANK YOU JIM!
After a three-weeks language course I did a work experience in the office of the Slaney Language Centre.
I’m quite sad that the beautiful time in Ireland is over now 🙁

But I think I will come back and have another great time here!

Kind regards.