The Slaney Language Centre Attendance and Punctuality Policy

The Slaney Language Centre request that all students attend classes each day and be punctual.

A strict record of student attendance and punctuality is kept by The Slaney Language Centre.

For all of our students, and in particular our Non-EU/EEA students, who are subject to immigration requirements, the following procedure is in place:


If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late, the student is marked as absent for that class and is sent to the Common Room for Self-study. If a student leaves class 15 minutes or earlier before the scheduled end of class, the student is marked as absent for that class.

For minors (i.e.: under 18’s):

if a minor is late or missing from class 15 minutes into the lesson, and no prior notification given to the school by the student/host-family/agent/parent of the student’s absence/lateness, the teacher will inform the Management or the School Office who will contact the host-family/parent/guardian to discuss/investigate the student’s absence.

Any student arriving after 15 minutes will not be admitted to class.


The Slaney Language Centre expects its students to have the courtesy to call the school to give notification/ justification of any absence. Unjustified absences of more than 2 days will result in the school contacting the student/host-family/agent to investigate.

Students on the ILEP course must attend at least 85% of their programme. If a student’s attendance rate falls below 85% The Slaney Language Centre will contact the student to discuss their absence.

Absences must be justified and medical certificates provided as evidence of any absence.

Severe or on-going, poor attendance will result in a meeting being scheduled with the student by the Managing Director, Lisa Bartsch.

Persistent / unresolved attendance issues and/or failure to attend formal meeting(s) related to poor attendance may lead to expulsion procedures being initiated.

The Slaney Language Centre is obliged to report all details of poor attendance to the Irish Immigration authorities.

The nominated Slaney Language Centre staff member for absenteeism issues is Lisa Bartsch, Managing Director,, 053-9120881