Slaney Language Centre Complaints Policy

Slaney Language Centre Complaints Policy

 Complaints and Grievances

List of possible complaints and grievances:

  • Conduct of the course
  • Conduct of teacher or tutor
  • Cancellation of the course
  • Modification of the course
  • Grievance involving another student
  • Breach of contract


Any complaint by a student must be made while he/she is in Ireland. The complaint should be made to Lisa Bartsch, Managing Director,, 0353-53-9120881.

If the Slaney Language Centre receives a complaint from a student, whether orally or in writing, it will be reviewed within seven days of receipt of the complaint.

On receipt and review of the complaint, the management will endeavour to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible to the satisfaction of the student no later than three months from the receipt of notification, except where the dispute involved legal issues. If the matter involves legal issues, it will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Irish courts and may not be capable of being resolved within three months.

The complaint procedure will be confidential as between the student and the complaint handler.