02Nov 2012

In 2013 our English language school is going to offer the following three new English Language Courses:

1) A course English and golf for young students aged 11 plus. The course is also suitable as a family course for parents and their children who are all interested in golf.
This course will take place from Monday 25 April to Friday 5 April 2013

2) An English and culture course for people who are interested in Irish culture, art, music and literature. This course will take place during the internationally renowned Wexford Festival Opera from Monday 21 October to Friday 1 November 2013

3) English lessons in the teacher’s home. In winter 2013/2014 language students can stay in the house of their teacher and receive intensive one-to-one lessons.

We will keep you posted about more details on all three courses.

The Slaney Language Centre Team




07Mar 2012

Parents and children who wish to go on an educational holiday together can attend an English language family course at the Slaney Language Centre in Ireland. Two of the courses are already fully booked but there are still places available for the family course from Monday 13 to Friday 24 August. Children courses are being tailored towards children aged 6 to 10 and children aged 11 to 14 .
Children aged 7 to 13 who already have a solid level of English (B1 or higher) can now attend a fun summer camp together with Irish children. The camp takes place in a secondary school in Wexford from 30 July to 3 August Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 15.30. The camp offers an excellent opportunity for children to practise their English language skills in the most natural way by playing and having fun with local children. Please contact The Slaney Language Centre for further information.

24Jan 2012

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09Dec 2011

The Slaney Language Centre is currently getting ready for the New Year. We are now launching our glamourous and informative course guide for 2012.
The course guide includes information about Learning English in Ireland and in Wexford in particular. You will find information about our English language courses, our afternoon activity programme and our accommodation options.
English Language students can also get details for their arrival day and their first day at the Slaney Language Centre. There are also testimonials from past language students and plenty of photographs. Our language school in Ireland offers General English Group Courses, One-to-one Courses, English language courses for families, FCE exam preparation courses, English and Wwoofing courses and a course tailored for people over 30.

28Sep 2011

The internationally acclaimed and unique Wexford Festival Opera runs from 21 October to 5 November 2012.

17 days and nights running side by side with this world class Wexford Opera Festival, the Fringe Festival transforms Wexford in a vibrant hub with a wide range of cultural experience including drama productions, musicals, historic trails, classical recitals, jazz, light opera, horse racing, art exhibitions and more.

The hugely enjoyable singing and swinging pub contest involves most of Wexford’s many pubs and bars and provides a stage for the area’s most talented local singers, musicians, comedians and sometimes even a visiting opera singer.

Known as the best time to visit Wexford, Slaney Language Centre students learn English in Ireland and experience two weeks full of culture and craic.

11Aug 2011

Not only is hurling the oldest field game in Europe but also the fastest field game in the world.
This very Irish sport was already mentioned in a 12th centuary document which tells the story of Cu Chulainn. Cu Chulainn was one of the greatest Irish mythological heros. When Cu Chulainn was a young boy his name was Setanta. The legend tells us that Setanta was fighting again a vicious hound. Setanta was playing hurling when he was attacked by a vicious dog. Using his hurley he hit the ball through the beast’s mouth and deveated the hound. For this great accomplishment he won the name of Cu Chulainn, the Hound of Chulainn.
This traditional Irish sport is very popular amoung Irish people of all ages. Every Irish town and village has a hurling team, in most schools hurling is part of the school curriculum and young and old enjoy watching matches on television or live in stadiums. The most amazing thing about this sport is that even the All Ireland champions are not being paid and play purely for the pride of their national sport.
Every visitor of Ireland should watch this amazing sport. The Language and Culture Course which takes place at the Slaney Language Centre in Wexford in October combines English language learning with Irish culture. Language students learn about Irish history, culture, sport, literature and art inside and outside of the classroom. A hurling workshop as well as an Irish dancing workshop are part of the extracurricular programme.